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Often we are asked questions about U.S. politics. 'Why are American politics so confusing?' Outsiders are often confused by the terminology and rhetoric. First one must understand that for over 100 years, average Americans have been deprived of any real political expression. The U.S. does not have any left wing political parties, there are only 2 right wing political parties. The extreme right Republican Party is the party of the corporate elites and bastion of nativism. The centrist right Democrats are a loose confederation of disparate elements that do not truly represent anyone. Under the leadership of Bill Clinton, Democrats abandoned the position as a champion of labor and the middle class embracing corporate sponsorship in a quest for increased campaign donations. During the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, millions of Americans began to hear the term 'Social Democracy' for the first time.





Social Democrats

  • Does the Democratic party serve working people or corporations?

    Mind Matters

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  • Social Democrats are passionate people filled with compassion with deep emotional lives and exceptional intellectual insights

    Passionate / Compassionate People

  • Will increasing the miltary budget make Americans safer?

    The U.S. military budget is larger than the next 11 nations

  • How important is nature?

    Ancient Wisdom

  • Ancient Wisdom, noblesse oblige, digital democracy ...

    Are Trolls Real?

  • Across the river and through the woods ...

    Little Red Riding Hood

  • Who are huggin and munnin?

    Huggin and Munnin

Science and Wisdom

Out of every 1000 hours of 'news' media broadcast in the United States, about ten (10) of those hours support working people. In addition to corporate broadcasting in the USA, there are 34 religious broadcasters. Aside from a minor alternative network operating on low powered signals that includes a news show by Thom Hartmann, there is little news that supports regular folks.

Major Network news is corporately owned The goal of this news is profit.

This is the primary reason that corporate news is largely infotainment which provides little or no useful information outside of disaster broadcasting.

Why has news in the United States degenerated?

The decline of the fourth estate began way back in the 20th Century with the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine and its premise that news must inform the public and be beneficial to society. The elimination of this paradigm resulted in a steady shift away from journalism to infotainment.

Is it possible to restore journalism to the U.S. culture?

Since the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling which legalized political bribery through declaring that 'money is the same as free speech' and 'corporations are people, my friend,' positive social transformation has been largely curtailed. Until the legalized bribery system is eliminated, journalism will remain the province of university classes.

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Do societies need balance?
Can serious questions be posed in the face of political correctness?
Is it possible to save the world through sacrificing civil society?
Is it possible to save the world through religion?
Is it possible to understand American politics?
In the realm of subjective belief, is there a better belief system?
Does Science conflict with religion / spirituality?
Can challenges be overcome by ignoring them?
Or is it best to simply laugh at ourselves, 'count our blessings' and 'pass the erudition'

Can the answers to these questions be found through humor?

or should everything be deadly serious?


    REGGI Austin, TX

    I often think about these things and what can be done. In the face of employment difficulties and health challenges it is hard for all of us. Voting is a challenge too, most minimum wage jobs don't provide time off to vote, much less maternity leave. I work two jobs just to make ends meet.

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    Sondra Where I live everything is already decided.

    The districts are divided so that we seldom get any new congressional representation. Some people vote for candidates who say that government is evil. When such candidates get elected they epitomize that evil by doing nothing except degrade our federal government. I thought the water was being tested regularly with the purpose of protecting our children, but I have discovered that our children in PA (Pennsylvania) do not have safe water. --learn more

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  • children dream, adults labor

    Andrew Concerned Father, Biologist and writer

    Food supplies are increasingly contaminated in novel ways. I was first made aware of this when in the 1990's when the congress made a special allowance for dioxin contaminated catfish to continue to be sold because imposition of food safey would adversely impact fish farm profits. Fun Food Facts...

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  • lake pkie

    Andrea Dreams I drew

    I have been working on a series of drawings featuring politicans against backgrounds of the greatest and most destructive accomplishments. Should I make postcards?

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    Eugene Working at a fast food restaurant

    I got a job!!! It isn't the job I dreamed of when I got my master's degree in psychology, but at least I can eat. I am working for a big corp selling burgers and fries. Do I qualify for medicare?

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    Malabu Working at a resort.

    I am happy to say that I am working at a resort. I am unhappy to say that I am treated like crap.

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